Deb Johnson

Product Designer in San Francisco

I'm product designer with a passion for intuitive and elegant design. I use human-centered design approaches to deliver engaging user experiences that solve meaningful problems.

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Imp main

Image Search Library

Increasing team productivity: designing an internal tool to browse and search for images.

Case Study

Analytics Dashboard

Making it easy for customers to understand the value they get from a product.

Case Study
Upstart redesign

Upstart Design Challenge

Improving conversion rates when customers decide whether to finance loans.

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Design Philosophy

"The most important product design work is the ugliest."
Paul Adams, VP Product @ Intercom

Design, at its core, is about problem solving. I use a combination of design thinking and empathy to solve problems in a human-centered way. Some of the principles that guide my design process are:

  • Understand the problem to be solved and the person experiencing the problem.
  • Talk to users and identify Jobs to be Done.
  • Prototype solutions to validate assumptions and explore product directions
  • Use feedback from users to guide the next iteration of the solution
  • Collaborate cross-functionally to get diverse perspectives